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Limit Currency: 0 RUB Need more?
Minimum sum of exchange: 0.001

Welcome to our website of the exchange office!

Description: Service e-currency Exchange WMCentre provides services to exchange of the following payment systems:

Perfect MoneyPayeerOKPayADVCashNixmoney, BTC-E, BitCoin and Yandex Money. You can output the title units of these payment systems for card and current accounts of the banks of Russia and Kazakhstan, including quite rare banks.

Guarantees: Our service is certified partner of all these online payment systems, link and description presented in catalog payments. All used for the exchange wallets are verified and tested by the security service of the payment systems.  

Security: We offer our customers a secure service. In addition with the connection of encryption protocols of client data that protects the information transmitted on the site and from the site through HTTPS Protocol, we use the modern software, developed on the basis of advanced technology and allowing confidence to say that all exchanges will be held securely.

Warning: Dear customers, under no circumstances we do not offer currency exchange and do not provide any services through channels of communication (ICQ, SKYPE, etc.), all channels of communication are used solely for consultation and prompt resolution of difficulties encountered. Be careful, if you were offered an exchange through the website, please refrain from these proposals, we have all the exchanges take place only through the website with payment applications via merchants payment systems.